Directions for applying Sheer White strips*

The whitening side of the film faces UP.  Grasp the film from one end.  Cut it in two long pieces and save half for the next application.

Center the film on the front teeth and place against the teeth right at the gum line.

Pull the cheek away and adapt the film to the teeth with gentle pressure.

Flip the underside around the edges of the teeth and press firmly on all sides to help adapt to the tooth surface.

Wear for 1-2 hours.  Removing prior to this is acceptable but the strips will be more difficult to remove and might tear.

To remove, grasp a corner and slowly peel off of the teeth.  Brush or rinse away any excess gel.  Make sure you wait at least 8 hours in between applications.

*Please read packaging instructions for contraindications and storage directions.

If tooth sensitivity occurs

It is normal to experience mild to moderate cold sensitivity.  This usually occurs when cold liquids are placed into your mouth.  Avoid drinking or rinsing with any cold liquids.  Brush with Fluoridex toothpaste.

If gum sensitivity occurs

Use vitamin E oil on the affected areas.  If none of these aides help, contact our office immediately .

Foods to avoid for 48 hours

Red sauces, red wine, grape juice, coffee, tea, cola, tobacco products, ketchup, soy sauce, berry pie and mustard.  Avoid any food with a strong color.

Bleach will take anywhere from 10 to 20 days depending on the darkness of teeth.  Avoid citrus and extreme temperatures during this period.  White freckling may occur during the 10 to 20 day period.  It should resolve quickly if this does occur.

Stop bleaching once your desired shade is achieved. Update every few months as needed.  Remember it will take 5 years for them to change back to original color shade.  Do not bleach more than 8 times per year during your maintenance period.