Night guard Appliance Directions

  1. Do not wear your night guard 24 hours per day unless directed to do so.
  2. Stop wearing immediately if pain develops and email immediately.
  3. This is a jaw repositioning appliance designed to remove muscular stresses associated with malocclusion. It does not work if not worn regularly at the properly prescribed times which is usually during sleeping hours unless instructed to do otherwise.
  4. Discontinue use if you feel your bite is changing. It is normal to experience some jaw changes first thing in the morning but that should resolve within 10-20 minutes.  This is expected.  If the change in position continues past that time, discontinue use and email
  5. Bring your appliance to every visit regardless of it being a cleaning, filling or crown appointment. Just get used to bringing it with you always.

Night guard care instructions

  1. DO NOT soak in mouthwash, denture cleanser, hot water or place directly in sunlight. Anything that heats the material will change its shape and it will have to be remade.
  2. Rinse with water before and after use and store it dry.
  3. Clean appliance with soap and water, nothing abrasive like tooth paste.
  4. If it becomes loose or tight or causes you any discomfort, email immediately.
  5. KEEP IT AWAY FROM ALL PETS. They love the smell and will eat it.